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continuous development and invaluable innovation

People and companies tend to organize their daily processes around a traditional working culture including such typical functional activities as procurement, marketing, finance, logistics or administration. Working in a departmental structure, you usually can utilize only a few of your competences and others remain hidden. When using Creative Line application, creative ideas born out of the daily operation and task solving form the basis of continuous collaborative innovation and development. According to our clients

create the best solution with the power of collaborative innovation

Creative Line is a web application, delivered from the Microsoft Azure Cloud, facilitates participatory information sharing and collaborative innovation with user-centered design. Users interact and share creative ideas with each other in a mediated social media dialogue as creators of the best solution of any task.

individuals with different sorts of skills and abilities

Creative Line forms creative communities of people and collaborative innovation around various tasks. Individuals, who were born and live in different places, eat and drink different stuff, have experience and expertise in different areas and so they work in different jobs as they are best at different things. They all are motivated by the same goal - to take advantage of using hidden skills and abilities.

free information flow, opinion sharing and assessment

Task/problem solving is conducted in an overly flexible yet goal driven framework. Collaborative innovation is driven by the variety of users' skills, knowledge and opinion galvanized by the flow of information, opinion sharing and assessment. Dedicated expert panels, yielding the best solutions, turning ideas into reality and moderate the process all the way down. how does it work?